Can I skip Tree Maintenance during Covid-19? (When does hurricane season start?)

The corona-virus pandemic has caused us to receive unique questions. Julia in Memorial, Texas asked, "Can I skip Tree Maintenance during Covid-19? Also, when does hurricane season start?"
Julia, we thank you for submitting your excellent questions.  Let me start with the easier of the two. NOAA indicates Hurricane season starts June 1st, and runs through November 30th. So, we're 3 weeks into the official tropical depression storm season. OK, your other question is, Can you skip tree Maintenance during Covid-19? We wouldn't advise skipping tree maintenance. Why? Well, big pines present numerous dangers, and simply visiting your property, we can identify structurally weak or dying arbors.  The best part is, we can do this exclusively via our website. During our visit, we will provide a brief written summary to detail.  What will we cover?  Here are potential examples:  You're in great shape, and we'll visit again in 6 months. A dead ash tree limb which presents a…

How can I minimize risk of a tree falling on my roof during Hurricane Season?

How can I minimize the risk of a tree falling on my roof during Hurricane Season? The best way to minimize the risk of a tree falling on your roof during Hurricane Season is to have an objective tree professional examine your arbors and property.  Delfino offers a complimentary no strings attached exam for the greater metro Houston community.  We serve Harris, Montgomery and Fort Bend county Texas.

Hurricane season can not be stopped, and runs from June 1st - November 30th. Our lives seem busier than ever, and addressing lingering and essential Tree maintenance can be easily overlooked. Think about it, if you wake up in the morning, and realize a big oak came down during heavy rains from even a tropical storm, and fell in the middle of your driveway who would you call? Delfino is available to offer solutions. It's just a click away. The best action to prepare for hurricane success is PREVENTION. We offer a complimentary analysis of the trees on your home or business property. We ca…

Trying to shelter in place with a big tree on your roof?

Is Delfino's Aldine tree services Houston stump grinding team open during Covid-19? Yes, Delfino's tree team is open during Covid-19

Delfino is open for essential tree services during Covid-19. The Texas business environment has seen unprecedented changes to what was typically considered normal all of my life.  Our small family owned company is Aldine Tree Services Houston Stump Grinding.  We are performing daily protective jobs to prevent damage to homes, building infrastructure, and removing potential hazards. We are highly trained in social distancing. We are advising all current or prospective customers to contact us via our secure web page.  It’s as easy as Aldine Tree.  Outside of the virus itself, we request for the safety of your family, and our team that you maintain 5 times the recommended distance. The CDC has advised a minimum 6 feet of separation, however given the everyday perils of the equipment we operate, and the need to maintain our focus, we ask our clients to…

Can a Tree Service provider maintain safe social distance during Covid-19?

During a time when many Americans and global citizens find themselves confined to their home property, one often has the opportunity to observe their tree limbs more closely.  Many have routine work performed, however may not feel confident with their provider's preparation for the Corona Virus.  So can a tree service provider maintain safe social distance during Covid-19?  
Yes, however there are several important guidelines which must be adhered to.   Using our website, we can make this a Zero contact experience.Communications, updates, and payment details can all be arranged through our secure page.Please don't approach us while we're working.  We genuinely need to maintain more than 6 feet of distance to ensure our team's safety and in turn yours. We answer FAQ here.We are not able to engage in hand shaking.  Thanks for understanding it's part of our strict personal hygiene protocols during this pandemic. Tree maintenance is genuinely an essential service. Think a…