How much does it cost to cut down a Tree? (Are there variables?)

How much does it cost to cut down a tree?

The Cost to cut down a tree varies greatly based upon a number of variables. Honestly, much like snow flakes and fingerprints, in my years of working with arbors, I can confirm no two sycamore limbs are identical. The main factors to determine the cost to remove a tree are size, location, condition, and accessibility.

  1. A smaller tree will typically cost less than a bigger tree.
  2. A tree located very close to a home will be more dangerous, and require a more deliberate removal process to ensure it is cut down safely. We've been called when a tree had landed upon a roof. Some seem to think this makes our job easier, however this is not accurate. A tree on a roof presents many unique dangers separate from a tree still erect in a yard. Believe us, do your due diligence to prevent tree disasters, because an arbor landing on your roof may cause you to need to temporarily reside in another dwelling while you await the roof and other damaged areas to be repaired.
  3. Dead trees can petrify, and become heavier, and much harder to cut and haul off. Plus a dying tree will often lean, and may completely collapse when one least expects it. It creates numerous hazards for the home owner, but also for the tree service team. We've been asked to look at abandoned trees when a property swap occurs, and the new owners can find it stunning to know that removing a dead tree can be more expensive than removing one which is living.
  4. Accessibility is an important detail which can easily be overlooked when pricing a tree project. This is one of the main reasons we ask all customers to patiently await our visit prior to providing a price. Sure, anybody can provide a price over the phone, however we know many customers who have been annoyed or angered when another contractor who provided the lowest quote over the phone actually shows up. Here's an example.
The Customer calls 4 providers over the phone. 3 provide a price site unseen, and one asks for the address to visit the property. The customer receives prices of $800; $1,500, and $1,800. He decides to pick the lowest price of $800. He's later told it will be scheduled for next week. The following week, the provider arrives, and says, "Well, over the phone what I understood was an $800 job, however this is clearly a $2,500 job. I realize you took the day off from work to meet me here to have the job performed. Yes, my crew is here and ready to work, however we can not do this for $800. If you don't want to pay $2,500, we'll understand." Many of these customers have felt mislead, and hoodwinked. They've called us back, and said, "Yes, Delfino I called you about 2 weeks ago, and you were the only provider who said he needed to visit our property prior to giving a price. Well, the crew I picked, did not give me the correct price over the phone, and their price actually more than tripled. I know I told you not to bother coming out, but given the circumstances, do you think you can revisit our needs, and provide us an accurate quote?"

We do this quite regularly, and it's why we advise not accepting bids from providers over the phone who have not visited your property.

My name is Delfino Sanchez Vargas, occasionally people spell my name in the Philadelphia fashion (Delphino). Our family owned company based in Houston Texas delivers homeowners and local businesses the opportunity to receive a professional consultation plus a quote for service. There are many factors which one should consider when budgeting a tree activity. We will further elaborate in the upcoming paragraphs. Ultimately the cost is largely based upon the tree size, location, accessibility, condition, distance from the street, and how far the tree is located from the landfill or green space.

We have served Katy live oaks, and Bellaire river birch limb needs since 2001, we were late to the internet. Our home page is relatively new. Aldine-Tree-Services

Nearly 3 years ago, we decided to put daily effort into our search engine optimization. We even started a Youtube channel in September of 2017. We would love to have you as a subscriber. Comments, Likes, and Shares are all helpful to our analytics, and we thank you for enhancing the conversation with your related questions. We are independently operated by the family owner. Many know us as the Jersey village Chinese tallow invasive tree removal team. We have seen these non indigenous transplants ruin and devastate many beautiful magnolias. Many customers are familiar with the devastation bamboo can cause, however are unaware of many other destructive species. Occasionally, without knowing the roots of a particular troublesome timber, we have been asked to simply trim back an overgrown hanging limb. Upon explaining how a tallow tree can take over an entire yard, and deprive the other bushes, plants, saplings, and arbors of the nutrients and necessities to thrive, a property dweller may find themself with nothing in the yard other than the invasive tree which has taken over their entire space, and will likely become a nightmare for their neighbors also. So, when considering the cost to remove a tree, it is often important to think of the future costs associated with delaying an invasive tree species. A removal which today may cost between $200 - $1,500 may be $1,000 to $5,000 in as little as 1 to 2 years if the menacing invasion continues.

We offer subscribers of our Google Blog the opportunity to receive complimentary annual evaluations of your yard ecosystem. Many customers express feelings of guilt about eliminating their trees. We don't like to think of ourselves as removers, but more as forest balance providers. For example, we recently received a call from a customer in Stafford, Texas. She asked us to remove two beautiful Palm trees. When we went out to visit her home, it was fairly evident these trees were healthy, and not diseased. We tried to gently advise the client she could maintain these trees for a fraction of the cost of removing them. We demonstrated our shaving skills. To shave a palm tree requires a great amount of precision and skill, however allows the arbor to thrive and remain healthy. We provided a price which represented a small percentage of the cut down cost, and she was thrilled. She even told us her family wasn't sure what they were going to plant here. It was providing more than simply ornamental value to their home, and we are scheduled to return to service this palmetto again. We're often questioned about the word Palm and Palmetto.

I often provide the Wikipedia definition of a Palmetto when this comes up. For your convenience, here's how it's stated on their site: "palmetto (plural palmettos or palmettoes) Any member of either of two closely related genera of New World palms, of the family Arecaceae: Serenoa or its sole species Serenoa repens, the sawpalmetto, which has medicinal uses; Sabal, represented by about 15 species, some known commonly as palmettos, others as fan palms."

Aldine Tree Service Houston Stump Removal remains ready to further advance this relevant conversation. We welcome productive comments, subscribers, commentary, and continual development of this topic.

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