Choose the lowest cost tree service estimate or price quote? (Top 7 safety considerations)

Should you pick the lowest priced Houston tree service quote? Honestly, from our 20 years of experience, we advise a more holistic philosophy. Why? We are often called by clients frantically seeking emergency help after the job from the lowest priced bid goes wrong. What can happen? Here's a summary of our Top 7 safety considerations:
1) Many unsolicited "Door Knockers" can be less than fully honest.
2) Often, individuals don't tell the truth about their insurance. If an accident happens, they bolt.
3) The cheapest bid often results in shoddy service. Prune the wrong tree too deeply & cause damage to your arbors. They may leave your yard a disaster.
4) The lowest price bids often rush a project, & don't put safety first. We've been called after a tree landed on a customer's neighbor's house.
5) Some offer an artificially low price, & subcontract to uninsured people. The person who provides the quote, pockets up to 50% of the money, and runs.
6) A job quoted for $1,500 may double. We have seen a tree left blocking a driveway.  They say the tree was worse than they thought, & now need to charge $1,500 more. This is a con job often performed.
7) Companies with a bad reputation often change names, & publish business cards to make it seem you are receiving 2 or 3 different bids, however it may be the same company essentially bamboozling a customer.

Delfino Sanchez wearing yellow shirt reading aldine tree services houston stump grinding

My name is Delfino, my price may not be the lowest nor the highest. I'm a 100% honest professional. Please Contact me for a FREE Transparent tree exam

For more arbor educational and informative videos, we recommend watching our Youtube channel.  The video below demonstrates how to climb a pine tree safely.  Thanks for watching, commenting, subscribing, and sharing.

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  1. The team was very professional tree removal and cleaned up everything when they were done. Great job Aldine Tree Services highly recommended


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